Why Choose Poseidon for Your Virtual Staffing Needs?

The most common traits found amongst the world’s top entrepreneurs is their ability to master delegation and unshackle themselves from draining tasks.

They understand that an assistant isn’t a luxury but a crucial component of success.

Whether you’re aiming to expand your business, optimize billable hours, prioritize family time, or reduce stress, hiring a Poseidon Virtual Assistant assistant can be liberating and transformative.


Our staff is trained for proficiency and poise at any task they are deployed to provide or deliver.


Rigorous background checks and personality profiling, ensures VA's that are qualified professionals.


Eliminate HR rabbit holes, paperwork and higher cost of W-2 employees. No more payroll or paperwork


Our VAs undergo a rigorous and ongoing training and testing process with hands-on experience.


Enjoy the flexibility and opportunity of scaling-up or down your business based on seasonality or growth.


All assistants are experienced and fluent english speakers and have been screened for U.S. businesses.


Our business is built upon the foundation of helping your company adjust and thrive in the new digital age.


Construct a custom skill set for your dream assistant and we will provide exactly that individual.


Never worry about the frustrating impact that sick days or employee absence can have on your business.